Visitors Rights & Responsibilities

Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. policies encourage and support regular and frequent visitation to residents and patients of the facility. The maintenance of close family ties, friendships, associations with civic, religious and other community groups is important to the quality of life of each resident. In order to enhance the value and mutual enjoyment of visitation and to protect the rights of all residents, the Administrator and staff of Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. have established the following guidelines:

1. Visiting hours at Sunset are from 9am to 9pm every day. Visiting hours are waived at the discretion of the Nurse in Charge in the case of a resident who is critically or terminally ill. Facility staff request that visiting time please be geared to the resident's daily routine, condition and needs.
With the resident's permission visitors may remain during meal hours. We request, however, that if visitors note that a.) the resident seems embarrassed to be eating in front of guests, or b.) the resident does not seem to be eating well, or c.) by pattern of social etiquette the resident has not been accustomed to eating when others are not eating, then please leave the room until the resident has finished their meal. Visitors may accompany a resident to the dining room but we request for the dignity, safety, and comfort of the resident that visitors not remain in the dining room throughout the mealtime.

2. Sunset is not equipped for cafeteria service or the provision of meals to staff, volunteers, or visitors. Hence, visitors may wish to gear their visits accordingly or bring food items for their own consumption if visitation occurs during their own usual mealtime. The staff will be pleased to assist in directing visitors to local restaurants or take-out services.

3. Food items or candy in reasonable amounts and in appropriate airtight containers may be brought to the resident. Visitors should check with the Nurse in Charge prior to bringing any items, regarding any special diets and the appropriateness of the type of food item to the resident's condition.

4. No smoking is permitted in the resident's rooms or the hallways. Visitors may smoke in the lobbies of each wing or in the dining rooms except during mealtimes. Please do not leave any smoking materials in the resident's room.

5. Residents' medication are stored at and dispensed from the nurses' station. Residents may not keep medications (either over-the-counter or prescription medications) in their rooms. Please do not bring any such item to the resident. Even a seemingly harmless item may be adverse to the medication regime established by their physician. If the resident requests such an item, please encourage them to discuss it with their physician or nurse and or mention the request to the Nurse in Charge yourself.

6. No firearms are permitted on the premises.

7. Cooperation with fire safety regulations is of vital importance in a residential health care facility. Nursing staff and local fireman are trained to handle fire emergency and evacuation procedures. If the fire alarm sounds during visitation (other than a pre-announced test of the system), please excuse yourself from the room and be seated in the lobby nearest the patient room. Do not remain in the hallway or otherwise obstruct or attempt to assist fire emergency procedures. If you observe flame or smoke, please pull the alarm nearest you (diagrams are in each corridor) and/or walk to the nearest nurses' station to report the fire emergency and location - by room number, if possible. Remain near the nurses' station. Do not re-enter the fire emergency area.

8. The Administration and staff request that families and friends please use discretion by not visiting when they may have a contagious illness or are otherwise not up to visiting; they may, thus, be sparing their relative or friend and other residents the concern of an additional health problem. Relatives are invited to telephone the resident or Nurse in Charge or the Social Work Assistant in order to maintain contact with the resident during such period of illness.

9. Children of any age are welcome and encouraged to visit. The parents or adults accompanying the children are requested to assure that behaviors during visitation are not disruptive or otherwise hazardous to the health, safety, and well being of the residents. The Nurse in Charge may request that visitors leave if it seems that children are not enhancing the visitation experience for the resident and other residents.

10. The Administration and staff request that visitors please respect the rights and privacy of other residents while visiting. Please leave the room when the Nursing staff come into the room to attend to the resident's care needs or treatments or those of the roommate. The consideration of visitors in this manner helps to preserve the dignity and respect of all.

11. Visitors should not plan to visit when they are intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The nurse in Charge may request that any person leave the premises if it appears that they are not up to visiting at that time. We endeavor to assure a comfortable, safe atmosphere for all residents

12. If items of clothing are brought to the resident, please mark them prior to giving them to the resident and note the item to the Nurse in Charge so that she may record the item on the chart. Items of clothing and/or other belongings may not be removed from the resident's room except by permission of the resident and/or next of kin. Please note any such removal to the Nurse in Charge.

13. A telephone is provided in the front lobby for the use of residents, their families and other visitors.

14. Restrooms for visitor's use are located in main lobbies. Patient bathrooms are for their use only.

15. Visitors may not solicit or distribute literature in the nursing home.

16. Employees may not receive gifts or gratuities from residents. Please accept this policy and do not make it difficult for them to decline.

17. If you are a regular visitor and are unable to visit for a time, i.e. vacation, it is helpful and reassuring to the resident if visitors please note this to the resident and the staff. As you are concerned for them, they are concerned about you, too.

18. During inclement weather please enter and exit from main entrance only. Remove boots or rubbers. Wet spots on floors are particularly hazardous.

19. Pets are welcome visitors. Please use a leash and keep them in your attendance and under supervision throughout the visit.

20. If you would like to invite the resident out for a car ride, shopping, dining, etc. please consult the Nurse in Charge. Physician's prior approval is required; for this reason, it is preferred that visitors call the nursing home a day or two prior to a planned off-premises visit. The signing of a release and information form is required before the resident leaves the premises. Please consult the Nurse in Charge or Social Work Assistant regarding overnight visits.