Our Commitment

Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center agrees to provide the following services, materials and/or supplies to each person who is admitted to the facility until such time as residence is terminated. These items are also specified in the Admission Agreement:

1. Board, including special diets when medically prescribed;

2. Lodging;

3. Around-the-Clock Nursing Care;

4. Clean bed linen and other linen;

5. Use of all equipment, medical supplies and modalities;

6. Hospital gowns or pajamas as required by clinical condition of resident when his next of kin and/or sponsor does not provide gowns or pajamas;

7. General household medicine cabinet supplies, except when specific items are medically indicated and prescribed for exceptional use;

8. Laundry service for launderable personal clothing, but not including laundry or dry cleaning of outer garments, jackets, coats and outdoor wear;

9. Assistance when required with activities of daily living, including but not limited to toileting, bathing, feeding and ambulation assistance;

10. Service by staff of the facility concerned with resident care;

11. Use of customarily stocked equipment including but not limited to crutches, walkers, wheelchairs or other supportive equipment including training in their use when necessary, unless such item is prescribed by a physician for regular and sole use by a specific patient;

12. Activities program including but not limited to a planned schedule of recreational, motivational, social and other activities;

13. Social services as needed;

14. An opportunity to participate in an interest-bearing patient incidental account with a quarterly accounting provided to the responsible party;

15. Restorative Ancillary therapies are reimbursed by Part B Medicare; drugs bills are sent directly from the vendor to the appropriate payer of services;

16. Speech, Audiology, and Occupational Therapies as prescribed by a physician and administered by a qualified therapist on a fee-for-service basis.