Frequently Asked Questions

1.- What is meant to be in this section?

Answers to questions that are frequently asked by intending residents, their families and sponsors.

2.- Am I able to receive Mail & Email as a resident of Sunset?
Resident's mail is delivered to the Nursing Home daily via the United States Postal Service. Letters and packages should be addressed as follows:

Resident Name
C/O Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
232 Academy Street
Boonville, New York 13309

Residents may also receive e-mail. E-mails are opened daily and will be delivered to the resident upon receipt. When sending e-mail please note the residents name in the subject box. The e-mail address is:

3.- Are residents allowed to leave the facility for day trips/overnight visits with family and friends?
Yes. Depending on their individual care and needs, it is encouraged that residents attend activities and gatherings outside of the facility. (Day and overnight visits do require physician approval and must be cleared through the nursing department.)

4.- Does Sunset have a separate 'Dementia Unit'?
No. Residents are not separated by their level of care needs.

5.- Does Sunset promote short-term respite care?
Yes. 24 hour nursing care is provided on a temporary basis.

6.- Are pets allowed to visit at the facility?
Yes. We encourage family and friends to bring their pets (dogs and cats) but do request that animals be leashed at all times and have current vaccinations.