About Us

Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a skilled nursing facility which provides 24-hour residential health services for persons who require frequent medical nursing observation, care and rehabilitative services. Our purpose is to help our residents to reach and maintain their greatest potential and to continue to enjoy a quality of living experience. Thus, our goal is not only to promote physical health, but also to encourage functional ability in all ways: physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

As the third generation to operate 'Sunset', we take great pride in having the opportunity to provide the residents of our community with the highest quality of skilled nursing care. You will find that Sunset is not only a family owned and operated facility but a family oriented facility.


Sunset endeavors to make a resident's experience feel as much like home as possible. We strongly encourage visitors. Visiting hours are from 9:00am to 9:00pm daily.


In most seasons, you might decide to take a leisurely walk with your loved one through the gardens at night. They are quiet, picturesque and offer a cool, calm ambiance.


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Our History

Sunset's originators, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Britton, established their first nursing facility in the village of Constableville, New York by remodeling the family home known to area natives as the Roser House (shown below at right). This stately home opened its doors in October 1947 as the first nursing center of its type in the area.


Mrs. Sigrid Britton

Mr. Louis Britton

Our First Ambulance

Roser House
Roser House

The second floor served as the maternity section and was licensed by the New York State Department of Health. The need for a maternity facility in the area during those years of the post-war baby boom is well evidenced by the fact that approximately seventeen hundred babies were born at Sunset prior to the closing of that section in 1964.

The first floor accommodated twelve aged and chronically ill patients. By 1958, the need for additional nursing care beds was well exhibited; thus, a one-story, twenty by fifty-foot addition was built. This wing accommodated nine additional patients. For several years, the hospital was able to provide door-to-door service by operating its own ambulance.


1964 signaled a different creative venture for the Britton family in the form of building a modern, one-story brick building in the village of Boonville, New York. The doors of the thirty-nine bed home opened in August 1964.

For the next seven years, these two facilities functioned cooperatively to provide quality residential health care services to this area. With the advent of Medicare in 1966, the Boonville facility became certified as a provider of services under that federal program in addition to previous agreements with the departments of social services through the Medicaid program and the Veterans Administration. The availability of these programs to patients, the ever-increasing numbers of persons requiring twenty-four hour care, and the continued positive support of the community affirmed the need for increased patient capacity. Thus, in July 1971, a forty-bed addition to the Boonville facility was opened. The nineteen residents receiving care at the Constableville site were transferred to the Boonville facility on July 19, accompanied by their staff, and that phase of Sunset was closed as a patient care facility.


In April of 1973, the son of Sigrid and Louis Britton, Jerome, became the Administrator and primary operator of Sunset Nursing Home. Jerry administered the nursing home in much the same manner as his parents, although he admits to being a little stronger in the area of resident security in those Good Old Days.

In 1983, Mrs. Sigrid Britton retired from her position as Director of Nursing Services.

The year 1984 marked another growth phase for Sunset with construction commencing on a new forty-one bed addition to the current facility. The opening in 1985 of this forty-one bed addition and the expansion of rehabilitation and ancillary services with new dining and recreation areas marked yet another milestone in the growth and history of Sunset.




Jerome Britton
Administrator 1973 - 2003





Ground-Breaking 1984

Mrs. Sigrid Britton, Jerome Britton, Jeremy Britton and
Mary Katherine Britton with the architect
at the ground-breaking in 1984


The coordinated remodeling of all areas of the existing building creates a blending of all sections of the facility into a harmonized unit. Progressive, concerned leadership has fostered innovation in design, facilities and care services attuned to nationwide health care trends and the changing needs of the patient population.

1997 was a hallmark in the history of Sunset. This was the year of its 50th Anniversary. The celebrations included among other things, a garden party for residents, families, employees and many more. In attendance was Sunset's co-founder, Mrs. Sigrid Britton.


Mrs. Sigrid Britton with her son, Jerome
at the 50th Anniversary Garden Party


In 2001, due to an increased need for therapy services within the community, Sunset established an Outpatient Occupational Therapy program. Therapy Services are provided to those living in both Boonville and the surrounding areas.

In April of 2003, Sigrid and Louis' grandchildren, Mary Katherine Britton and Jeremy Britton became the third generation to operate Sunset. Due to the ever-expanding services provided by the facility, a decision was made to change Sunset's official name to Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc.


Throughout the stages of Sunset, one unique aspect does not change - the emphasis on. Personal care, based on the philosophy of respect for each resident as an individual and concern for their quality of life. Sunset continues their commitment to providing our residents with the highest quality of care, maintaining their dignity and individuality.